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    Problem with "loadMovie" in Flash Player 9

      Hi, I have a site with a music player and I used "loadMovie" to load my music player swf form another sever. (I got another sever with small storage but unlimited bandwith so I use it for my music) My site worked for the past 5 years until I installed Flash Player 9. Now my music player swf won't load using the loadMovie funtion, the rest of my site works. I'm guessing its because Flash Player 9 only let you load swf from same sever. Tell me if I am wrong. But does anyone know a way to fix this or a work around it? Please I need to fix it fast.

      Let say I hosted my main_page.swf on www.abc.com, and music.swf is in www.zzz.com.
      Then I put this script at the first frame of the time line in main_page.swf

      A Sample of my script:

      loadMovie(" http://www.zzz.com/music.swf", "music");

      ----- "music" is the instance of the empty clip.
      it worked for 5 years but now Please help me out, it seems very easy maybe I just missed something.