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    DragDrop & NativeDragDrop possible..?




      I'm working on an AIR app (Flex 4.5) which has two DataGrids in it, both populated with the same kind of data.. a website's name and also it's URL.


      I've built code so that the user can use Native Drag & Drop to drag items out of the Data Grids and into the OS, where it creates a shortcut for that website.


      I've also built code that allows the user to Drag & Drop internally within and between each of the Data Grids.  (I did this by using mx Data Grids, as the spark ones do not have built-in drag & drop functionality.)


      However when I try to combine these two methods of dragging & dropping the internal Drag & Drop breaks, and my trial & error efforts to find a way to combine the two, or make use of just Native Drag & Drop to handle internal dragging and dropping, have been nothing but error error error.


      Does anyone know of a way to have both types of drag & drop behaviour with in an AIR app?  Or are we stuck with doing just one or the other?



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          Wow.  I feel extremely stupid for missing this in the AS3 documentation:


          The NativeDragManager class coordinates drag-and-drop operations. With the native drag-and-drop API, you can allow a user to drag data between an AIR application and the native operating system, between two applications, or between components within a single application.


          *puts on the cone of shame, sits in the corner*


          : (

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