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    Project Freezes on Loading


      I've completed an entire project in After Effects and I saved it and was going to import it back into Premiere the next day.  When I went to open it up in After Effects, it froze while opening on like 33%.  I was fored to redo the entire project in After Effects and this time I decided to just export to .mov in After Effects and the application froze before even starting to export.  I saved before this.  When I went to open it up again, after restarting After Effects, it froze AGAIN, this time on 43%.  Different project file altogether, but still froze.  It's getting extremly annoying.  Every other After Effects project opens without problems, just these two, which happen to be the same overall project.  Any response is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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          Well, if it's only this project, then think about what makes it different from the others. Is a specific plug-in used? Is a specific footage/ asset used? Is it even that you are loading the project from a different location? Could be anything from e.g. an OpenGL driven plug-in like Optical Flares failing to initialize to your media cache being corrupted to indeed the source location of the project or assets being unsuitable. Check all these things. To salvage your project try to open it with capslock enabled to suppress refresh or import it into an empty project....



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            Try copying just your project file to another folder on a different drive and then relink all of your assets. Ive had this happen to me a few times and this seems like the easiest option. This usually happens to me when I have a crap ton of files in a project and AE or PrPro bogs down while trying to load them all.

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              Some plug-ins and effects often take a lot just to render depending on what you're using, it's often taxing. What I would recommend is either turning off the "eye" or visibility before saving on any taxing effects that may slow the computer, or reducing the preview quality to a lower setting (Quarter for maximum save) before you save and exit. That way, when you open it up again, you can just turn on the eye to see your effects one at a time without AE loading it all up at once. Turn them on, render it out, and you shouldn't have an issue.


              If the memory isn't the issue, then it could be a variety of things. If it's a corruption issue, then it's well worth the effort to fix and prevent it from happening to the rest of  your projects. I'm afraid I can't say much for "rescuing" your AE files, only preventing or narrowing down the problems. AE programs freezing is sadly vague issue and could be anything. I wish you good luck!



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