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    Creating Buttons in Dir. 11.5.9

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      I've been using the buttons tool menu in Director for 18 years with no problems.  Now, in this new version of Director, I can't get buttons to work any more.  Example:  I click on the pushbutton icon in the tool menu. and put a button on the stage.  I select the button and click on the background color icon, select a color, but the button background color does not change. I try to place a cursor in the button so I can type a label on it, but I cannot get a cursor to appear.  So, I can't label the button, and I can't change its colors.  Am I the only one with this problem, or is it a known problem with (hopefully) a solution?





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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          The older versions of Director used the "classic" buttons, and newer versions use #flashComponent buttons.  My personal recommendation is to not use these #flashComponents as they are nothing but trouble. If you look at the Tools palette, at the top will be the word "default".  Click on that and change it to "classic" and you will have the tools you are used to.


          If you insist on using the new ones, then you can change the text of the button by adjusting the "label" setting in the Property Inspector (or through Lingo).  Adjusting the colors is a bit more complex since they are actually swf sprites and need to be adjusted via their internal methods... and you will need to go through the Flash documentation to see what those methods and properties are.


          Also, you would use the "on click" handler instead of "on mouseUp" (or you can change the eventPassMode to #passAlways to enable the mouseUp handler).


          As I say, they are nothing but trouble.  And don't even get me started about trying to set the properties on beginSprite without crashing Director...