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    Error when publishing 3D to GIF

    Admin is traitor


                When the scene contains any 3D rotated object, it doesn't render correctly when publishing to GIF format.


      Version:          Flash CS4


      Steps to reproduce:


      1- Create a new empty AS3.0 scene. Set the publish settings to generate a GIF animated image, set its "animate" option.

      2- Add some empty frames. You don't need to set any interpolation between them.

      3- On frame 1, draw any simple shape, select it (Ctrl-A) and turn it into a MovieClip (F8).

      4- Publish, then play GIF file, just to checkout that generated GIF is OK.

      5- On frame 1, select your shape, then select the 3D rotation tool. Rotate shape around any axis, any amount.

      6- Publish again. Checkout GIF file... ERROR!! Shape position is wrong - it always goes to (0,0).


      Can you reproduce it, or is it a problem with my installation?





      EDIT: This thread tells about the bug. However, the suggested workaround (using export instead of publish) is not a final solution for me. As far as I know, exporting generates a much lower quality image. For example, it will always use pattern in resulting gif image, even if not desired. Am I wrong?