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    Is Premiere Elements 8 junk, or is it just me??

    nuttupeditor Level 1

      I made many movies (10) using Pinnacle studios over the last 5 years.  While I had various problems none even came close to the frustration I am having with PE 8.0.

      I've upgraded my PC to what I believe to be a reasonbably fast machine for moderate home use. 

      My specs are

      3.3 gigahertz Intel Core i5-2500K

      8 GBYTE  Memory

      128 GB SSD with all my program files, including PE8

      Windows 7

      1 TB "user" drive with all my Media


      I have been unsucessful at virtually every step of the way when trying to edit my home movies.  The program runs incredibly slow.  I've dug through all of the information on here, and followed every step.

      I have a number of small videos loaded from an hd video camera, with a total size of less than 1 Gbyte.  CODEC H264 from a VADO HD  mini cam.

      I this CODEC is not supported why doesn't PE8 indicate that?

      I've tried moving all the media to the SSD and running the whold program on that drive, but the program crashes every time I try and add media.  (No indication why)

      If I run off my user drive, I can eventually get about 10% of the video on the timeline before I run out of memory and the program crashes.

      I've tried to render the timeline, and it appears to randomly render some of the clips, but not others ( by virtue of the red bar turning to green).

      Then it crashes on an out of memory error.

      I increased the swap space, and increased the amount of memory allocated to programs as indicated in one of the forums.

      All of my SW is licensed and up to date.

      I've got enough hours into this that I should now be an expert user, but I've yet to produce a single thing.  In fact I've yet to edit a single video because I can't even get the media loaded.

      Right now It appears I've wasted my $200 and 200 hours of time and should try something different.

      Any last minute assistance would be appreciated.


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          By "user drive," do you mean that this is a networked, mapped, or otherwise, non-internal HDD?


          Memory/Resource errors, or warnings, are not just about installed RAM, and this ARTICLE goes into more detail.


          I also recommend this ARTICLE. It starts with a checklist for getting everything setup to run PrE most effectively. It then goes into several suggestions and links for tuning up one's computer, and OS, for video editing in general. It finishes with many links for troubleshooting, that rather work up, in "degree of difficulty."


          Now, and with that said, some users felt that PrE 8 was the least stable version of PrE, and most of those, found that PrE 9, or PrE 10, were vast improvements. I never used PrE 8, so have no direct comment.


          Now, from about Studio 5, through Studio 11, I found only one version of Pinnacle (Studio 9.4.3) to be remotely stable, and many on the Pinnacle/AVID forum agreed. I have not even bothered with any later versions. However, YMMV.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Which project settings did you select when you set up your project? If you've selected the ideal settings for your video, you will NOT see red lines above your clips when you add them to your timeline? Most likely version 8 doesn't have settings for working with this type of video.


            Red lines along the top of the timeline indicate a need to render your timeline (press Enter). Get too many red lines and you'll get an out of memory code. I've no idea why some areas of your timeline are rendering and others are not. Most likely it's because your Work Area Bar isn't stretched across your entire timeline. If you'll post a screen capture of your timeline, we can say for sure.


            But, naturally, you'll get the best performance and best results when your project settings match your source video -- so you'll only need to render when you add effects or transitions to your project.


            Support for Flip pocket camcorders was added in version 9, and they would probably be the best settings for working with that camcorder's footage. Hard to say for sure though. Pocket camcorders often use proprietary versions of the H.264 that don't always interface well with many video editing programs.


            If you're interested in switching to Premiere Elements, you should try the free trial download of the current version, version 10. Try starting up a project with the Flip camcorder settings and see if the performance is better than you're getting with version 8.


            Otherwise, I'm glad you found a workflow that does work with the Pinnacle product. It might be best to stay a product if you've found one that works well with that video.

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              nuttupeditor Level 1

              Ok, continuing to fudge, hack, improvise etc. 

              I've implemented all the above suggestions.

              No improvement.  So..

              I converted all my videos to .mov files. (using Advanced X, Video converter)




              All seems fine.  I add the media, put it in the timeline, render it, edit it.....I'm happy.

              I save the project several times, and all of a sudden it freezes. totally unresponsive.

              I have to kill it, and when I restart it tries, but hangs. (no error message of course) 

              Anyway to get things back?  I've done quite a bit of editing that I hate to lose.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Converting the video won't solve your problems -- unless you're converting it to the right type of video and matching your project presets to that video. In fact, it will more likely take you farther from a solution.


                Have you tried version 10 yet, using the Flip video project settings?

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                  nuttupeditor Level 1

                  I did try downloading
                  PE 10 to no avail.  In fact using the Flip video setting the .avi files loaded audio only.

                  So from here what do you suggest?  I have a whack of small flip video files that I would like to edit.

                  Is there no SW avail to convert them to the elusive adobe format?

                  What if I want to combine video from different sources?  IE Flip .AVI files and .MOV files that I copied from a different camera?

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    I would recommend never combining video from two different camcorder formats, It almost always leads to problems.


                    I'm not sure what to recommend as far as your VADO video. It's unlikely there's a conversion that will work with it -- with the possible exception of Quicktime Pro, ,who costs $29 from Apple.


                    If the Pinnacle software does work with this video, it would probably best to stick with it. I'm just not sure that video and this software can be a happy marriage. Sorry.

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                      nuttupeditor Level 1

                      Wow, I'm dumbfounded by your reply.  When I wanted to upgrade my video editing SW from pinnacle, I did a lot of research and I never imagined that there would be modern (or vintage) video that the SW couldn't handle.  My Pinnacle SW is installed on an old computer and is not really available for my use, so I would have to purchase a new copy.

                      This is a huge limitation in the adobe software, and I can't believe it hasn't come up more often.

                      Anyway, thanks for your help.  I'll spend the $29 and cross my fingers.

                      What format should I convert my videos to in order to mnimize as many problems as I can?

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Well, as none of us (or almost "none of us") are Adobe employees, we try to help users get the best editing experience possible. If that ends up being Pinnacle, Magix, CyberLink, or Sony, so be it. Some NLE's suit certain users, and their material, better than others. That is life.


                        Now, I use Adobe programs about 98% of the time, and use PrPro for most video editing. I also have PrE, CyberLink PowerDirector, Magix MovieEdit Pro, Apple's QT Pro, and still Pinnacle Studio 9.4.3 on an old laptop, though I seldom crank it up. For me, most of the other NLE's are basically "converters," to get things into PrPro, but then, all NLE's are but tools to an end. I have a very, very full "toolbox," and make no apologies for using any tool in it.


                        Go with what works best for you, and do not look back. In the end, it it is the final result that matters.


                        Good luck,



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                          nuttupeditor Level 1

                          Thanks Bill amd Steve,

                          While I would consider myself a very experienced computer user, my video editing skills would be rudamentary.

                          I just wanted a simple solution to pasting together a bunch of short videos maybe adding some music and burning a DVD.

                          I guess I was naiive to think there is a simple soltion to anything involving HD video.

                          I still need (want) to find a way to get this job done, so I'm going to purchase QTPRO, so I suspect I will be back asking more questions in the future. 



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            While a bit of an exaggeration, "there is nothing simple about video editing... "


                            OK, that is not true, BUT video has many inherent complications, such as CODEC's. This ARTICLE will give you some background on them, what they are, how they work, or do not work, and considerations to make, regarding them. As they are the "building blocks" of Video files, knowing the basics, is a great foundation. Where is gets tough, is that camera mfgrs. are constantly adding new ones, or tweaking existing ones. These changes come so quickly, that even a pro editor, is hard-pressed to keep up with them all, how they work, and which NLE (Non Linear Editor) programs, can work with them. To add to that confusion, there are many CODEC's, that are really delivery-only, and are not meant for editing. Some will, but many will not, at least not easily. Also, some NLE programs, like Apple's FCP, use intermediate CODEC's, and many will ONLY work in FCP, or might ONLY be available for Mac's, leaving ALL PC's out of the mix.


                            With that said, in PrE, or actually most NLE programs, one needs to start with a Project specification that matches the Source Footage, as closely, as is possible. A 100% match, will usually mean few, or no issues in the editing.


                            Finally, one is then faced with the choices for output, or Export/Share. At that point, there can be many choices, and depending on what one needs to do, maybe a lot of testing also. This ARTICLE will offer some tips there.


                            As you can see, all of this must be considered, before any real editing begins. The ads make it sound easy, but when just starting out, it is not. However, once one gets their head around the basic concepts, then things get so very, very easy.


                            When everything was SD, there were few choices, or considerations. Basically, it was "am I in PAL, or NTSC-land? Do I have Standard 4:3, or Widescreen 16:9?" Then it was "do I want to output to DVD, a file to play from a Website, or an AV file delivered in some other way?"


                            HD eliminated at least one of those questions (Standard 4:3, or Widescreen 16:9), but brought so many other variables into the equation, from "is this Anamorphic footage," to "Is this AVCHD, HDV, MP4/H.264, or something else completely different?" Throw in the variables added by camera mfgrs., and it CAN get confusing. Still, with the concepts nailed down, it DOES get much easier. Trust me on that one.


                            If one has MOV, or MP4/H.264 footage (note: MOV can hold a lot of different "stuff"), and one only wants plain Cutting/Joining, and then output, I agree with Steve, that QT Pro is a good little program to use. It IS simple (with compatible footage), and will do the Cutting/Joining easily. However, that, plus file conversion, is as far as it goes, regarding editing - simple, but limited by that simplicity.


                            Good luck, and happy editing,



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                              nuttupeditor Level 1

                              Just an update.  I purchased a copy of Muvee Reveal X.  It is a very basic video editing program.

                              It easily allows input from my Flip recorder, as well as input from 3 other sources I have tried. (All within the same movie).

                              Some of the videos are .avi, and others are .mov.  No problem at all.

                              There is no talk of Codecs, or formats etc. , everything just works!   How is this possible?

                              While there aren't the sophisticated tools available in Premiere, I still go back to my original post...Is Premiere Junk?

                              It has a lot of sophisticated tools, but if you can get access to the video they aren't much help.

                              Anyway, I thought others might be interested.




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                                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                As we always say, your mileage may vary. Glad you found something that works.

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                                  No it's not you. Premier Elements 8 is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. What happened to Adobe's standards? They went down the drain. I first bought Elements 2 a bunch of years ago and it was solid. I loved it. When I got my new computer I did not hesitate to bundle Adobe Elements and Photoshop with it. What a waste of money (and time).


                                  Within my first 5 min of using this software I came across over a dozen of bugs...litteraly. There are major bugs in every step of the editing process...from importing to viewing to displaying to editing to effects to exporting. Sometimes import is without sound. When exporting the sound losses sync with the vid towards the end. A lot of times program locks up after any export. Vids are very choppy when viewing. I could go on and on about all the bugs and the forums definitely confirm all this.


                                  They give you a ton of different things you need to do to "try" to fix the problems when in fact the problem is with the software. On top of that they don't offer any bug fixes. Unbelievable....The one update (8.0.1) does not do ANYTHING to fix any problem. Versions 9 and 10 don't seem to be any better. They keep adding bells and whistles but no bug fixes.


                                  In conclusion...STAY AWAY FROM PREMIER ELEMENTS

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                                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                    You must have got the bad one, strulag. Mine works just fine.


                                    So I'm sure it's the program and not something on your particular computer system.