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    Do I understand the Flex/Java communication options correctly?

    TheOriginalEdge Level 1

      As best as I can tell, the options for communication between Flex and Java using BlazeDS are as follows:


      Use RemoteObject in Flex to send a message (RPC) from Flex to Java, and get a reply via an asynchronous callback.  On the Java side this constructs a new object for each such message.


      Use Consumer in Flex to listen for inbound messages.  These can come from other Flex clients (Producer) or from a Java server (using AsyncMessage and MessageBroker).


      Use Producer in Flex to send messages to other Flex clients.



      Did I miss any options?


      Am I correct that Producer cannot be used to send a message to Java?  If this is not correct, a link to an example of the Java code required would be greatly appreciated.