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    Correct settings for Epson r2000?

    NealFox Level 1

      I just got an Epson r2000. I'm running an experiment before printing on the expensive paper with expensive inks.


      I've got PS CS5 Extended (on a Mac OS X 10.6.8) showing PhotoShop Manages Color in the print dialogue box.

      I switch the profile to SPR2000 Velvet Fine Paper.

      I print a small part of the image on regular paper.


      The image comes out VERY dull. Colors are ok but contrast is nowhere. Now, I know it'll print much better on the correct paper, but before I try it I wanted to make sure I'm using the right settings. One thing that's weird is if I click on the Printer Settings button, and go to Media Type, all of the Fine Art Papers are grayed out. Is this a problem? It's defaulting to Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster. I also have output resolution as Best.


      So is all this OK and I'm just seeing such bad results due to the wrong paper? Or do I need to change something?