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    Looping back to 'Match Test' after incorrect 1st try

      I've just done my first Captivate thing and really like the program.

      But I've had a problem with the Match Test...
      - Student incorrectly matches by dragging & dropping and then clicks continue...
      - We loop them back to the the lesson slide
      - Then bring them back to the Match Test to retake the test
      - BUT...
      ..Old incorrect 'match lines' still show
      .. "Your Answer" & "Correct Answer" show
      .. Program freezes up

      My Question - We just want them to retake the Match Test so how do I prevent all the above?

      Thanks for any help.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Will_3

          Unfortunately the only way I'm aware of to "clear things out" is to reload the Captivate into the browser. This means resetting all of it and totally starting over. I looked at the settings for the question in the hopes that the developers also changed the questions with Captivate 3. I know they added a new feature to have a Text Entry Box object begin fresh, so it stood to reason that the same may have been made available to a Question Slide. But after scrutinizing the slide, no dice. So your options are to either start the movie over or possibly duplicate the Question Slide and return them to the copy if needed.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Will_3 Level 1
            Rick, thanks again for your assistance...

            However it would seem common practice to... after an incorrect test result... to loop the student back to endure the lesson once again... and then bring them back to the test for a 2nd, 3rd, etc try.

            I guess they are saving the test results in program variables... and don't offer the option of re-initializing the variables after a student incorrectly completes the test...

            In this case I wonder if we can create our own variable(s) in Captivate... and test them... and branch accordingly?

            Can't you embed java script in Captivate? Or other languages and/or programming?

            thanks again.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi again

              Create your own variables in Captivate? Nope But if you have Flash and are comfortable using it, you can probably do it. I know that a download exists on the Captivate Exchange Click Here to visit the Exchange that you may download that uses variables. And I think it comes with the source Flash .FLA file too. So assuming the Flash bit is an option, you could edit that FLA and bend it to your whims.

              Captivate does offer use of JavaScript. But it gets really tricksy. I think it fails in .EXE format and only works best if you add the script to either your HTML page that launches Captivate, or to a JS file you link to from that page. Then you can call functions in the script from Captivate that do different things.

              Cheers... Rick