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    Saving data into backup database using CF9


      I want to use ColdFusion to write queries to save data to my main database tables as well as save the same data into my backup database tables. So if our main site goes down I can send users to the backup site (on a different server) and know that the data is current. This is easy to do as long as the backup server is up and running, but if the backup goes down then the main site will throw errors and prevent the pages from loading past the error. I have the tables set up using the federated engine in mysql, so I would assume ColdFusion would just get a response that the table is inaccessable. So then how can I setup an cfif statement to ignore a cfquery if the table cannot be accessed?


      I'm trying to avoid having the setup triggers on the mysql side to save into the backup database, as this would be a monstorus task and not even sure if possible considering I'm getting coldfsuion to poplute what data needs to get inserted, updated, etc.


      Thanks, jo