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    AVCHD refuses to publish in HD--extreme pixels


      I've been having trouble with uploading, which I have never had before.


      I have a Sony Cybershot which I had recorded film in AVCHD 24M (FX) (1920x1080[60i], which I've done before.
      After spending forever editing to where I finally like it, I go to "share", "online", "Youtube", the preset is "HD Video for Youtube- 1920 x 1080".  I have also done this before.
      When published, it is extremely pixelated, as if it is uploading at 200 pixels or something.


      I have never had this issue.  I tried Clipmate and pasting it into a new project.  The project preset is AVCHD 1080i 30fps.  I don't understand how I can record that pixelation that is so high, have it look crisp when opened in Elements, and then have it completely blurry when published.


      I have had other ppl test to see if it appears that way on their screens, and it does, as well.
      I have retried multiple times.
      I have waited overnight to see if it was a problem with Youtube Processing it, and it is not.?


      Help please? This is kind of haunting me and my dreams for the past few days.