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    Help with Audio for Premiere Project

    El Dorado Media Ted

      Working on a lengthy project and need some help with audio which is not my specialty!


      I am recording using a Sony EX1r and a wireless lav mic,     OK.  Here is what is happening.

      When I import the clip into project I get Audio from the left speaker.   If I burn a DVD and playback on home player with surround sound, I get audio out of just the left speaker which makes sense.    SO I go to Premier and use "Fill Left" which fixes the audio on my computer and get sound from left and right speakers.    The odd thing is that when I play this version back from DVD on the surround sound system, the audio now only comes from the CENTER speaker.  I dont get anything out of left OR the right speaker so it sounds hollow.


      I am sure I am missing something obvious so please be kind.

      Is there an easy way to get my audio to come out of Left, Center, and Right speakers (and rear for that matter) ???


      Thank you