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    Making actionscript global & portable

      Forgive me if this is the improper forum for this question. I am certain that if it is, someone will kindly re-direct me. What can I say, I'm sort of a noob.

      Anyway, I have a single frame .swf file that is mostly actionscript that is triggered by a set of buttons. It works a charm in it's monolithic form. But what I need to learn is how to build a portable "movie clip" that would contain my actionscript and be able to drag that item into any flash document, build some buttons on different frames and have the script run properly.

      For example, in my file I have two buttons called "iplay" and "ipause" that, through actionscript, send data to a php file.

      If I try and build a movie clip and place the AS in that and place the buttons in another layer, they don't work.

      Some gentle push in the right direction of making my work "global" even when contained in a clip would be greatly appreciated.