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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 crashing when opening projects

    Daniel Argento

      Hi folks.


      I seem to be having a bit of a problem with Premiere Pro CS5.5 (and subsequent versions).


      The app itself runs perfectly and never crashes WHEN IT WORKS (unlike CS5, that kept crashing on me randomly).
      The problem is Premiere crashes when I:


      - Open a project (an existing one)
      - Close Premiere.


      The only workaround for this is Opening a NEW PROJECT and importing the one I want to open.
      That way it doesn´t crash at all and it´s perfectly workable.


      It´s really a drag to be forced to open a new project and import the old one EVERYTIME I´ve got to work on a project.

      My system is a 2011 27inch iMac.  i5  - 16GB RAM -  AMD Radeon HD 6970M (1GB)


      I´m running Lion of course (which seems to be the problem for most people) version 10.7.2 (gotta try that last update still) and a DLC version of CS5.5.


      I´ve tried repairing permissions and reinstalling Premiere (Back to CS5.5 instead of the latest version) and it´s the same.


      One thing to take into account, Premiere was working fine until I messed with Lion´s Terminal to fix a Lion-related problem (whenever I started my mac, the same apps would open up, regardles of me unchecking that option in system settings.)  I typed "chmod -RN ~/Library/Preferences" and my problem was solved. But since that day, premiere hasn´t been able to load an existing project nor close itself without crashing.


      Hope somebody here knows what to do besides going back to Snow Leopard. THANK YOU!