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    Bluescreen on new built:power psu, motherboard or something else?

    lucar10 Level 1


      I put together my first system thanks to the support of many of you from this forum. Here is the list of hardware used:

      COOLER MASTER HAF 932 Advanced Blue Edition case

      ASUS P8Z68 DELUXE/GEN3 motherboard

      Intel Core i7-2600K

      COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler

      Corsair Gold AX850 PSU

      CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB (4 x 4GB)

      320GB Samsung Spinpoint F4 SATA

      Video/Projects: (2) RAID 0, Western Digital Caviar Black WD 2.0TB

      Previous/Export files: (1) Western Digital Caviar Black 2.0TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb

      Radeon HD 3870 video card (temporarily for testing purposes with latest drivers installed)

      W7 Pro. No other software installed besides all windows updates.


      Before installing the newest video card drivers (was running with windows drivers first) I had some blue screens when booting to windows. I was thinking that was probably this old video card running without the latest drivers. So, I decided to use the proper drivers but the problem persisted.


      I remember to check on Event viewer log and noticed the following that makes me think it could probably be a power supply or motherboard issue:

      After the blue screen the message was:

      Critical     Kernel-Power     Event ID: 41      Task:63

      Message: The system has rebooted without clearly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed or lost power unexpectedly"

      Error         Bugcheck                         1001


      I have had this blue screen several times and I had windows reinstalled again (previously the system hd reformatted) to avoid any conficting files left behind and have a clean install.

      Last time I had this blue screen (everytime this happened windows would have to fix it before loading the os) I got a message: "Could not load file "sorttbls.nlp"..bla..bla.." and noticed that Event Viewer log was gone also. So I google and found out to be related to a NET Framework 3.5.1 update. Once re updated got it fixed. and got back Event Viewer again.

      The other issue it makes me think it could be the motherboard is that everytime I connect a HD to the Marvel 6.0 port it would not load windows. I contacted Asus support last saturday and a guy told me that I needed to buy a Jmicron or Marvell Sata cable for that purpose and that the sata cables provided or similar do not work. I google it and could not find such cables, not even on Newegg. Did I talk to one of those lunatic support guys?

      Anyway... I was given a ticket # and asked to call monday for a level 2 support person.

      Any comments will be very appreciated.

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          UlfLaursen Level 2



          Sorry to hear about your trouble...


          As far as I can see the components you have choosen, looks like good quality, but defects can of course come on good quality parts as well.


          You have to make sure that all hardware is porperly installed, especially CPU-cooler.


          I am not 100% sure how you did install your system, but I would do it this way:


          Install Windows

          Install driver CD/DVD from motherboard

          Install latest graphichs card drivers

          Install windows update


          When I have installed a new system, I have this "burn in" software to stress test everything.




          It comes in 64 bit as well. I let it run for 5+ hrs. to see if something fails.


          I have had "blue screens" caused by both hardware and software, twice it was RMA and once it was drivers / updates (I think) it disapeard after updatind all drivers and windows to the latest.



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            Islanders66 Level 1

            Make sure you install disk is very clean. If there is a smudge on it it can cause this to happen. In fact now that I recall that's the only time I got a blue screen.


            Have you connected to the internet? You drivers should update when you do. Usually the graphics card also comes with a cd that has the drivers, although I recall them also updating when connected to the internet.


            Check for updates for Windows, that takes a while to download all the updates.

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              lucar10 Level 1

              Thanks Ulf for the time to help me.

              The way you describe is pretty much how I did it. I think what I am going to do is just to put the OS drive, video card and the OD, do the motherboard drivers and then windows updates and check to see what happens, and keep adding the other drives and see if I can find the problem..

              Thanks again and any idea is welcome!


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                lucar10 Level 1

                Islander, again thanks for youre kind time to help. Very appreciated.

                I think I will do windows again. I had the os drive formated to make sure will do a clean instalation.

                The other thing is that it may be this old card, but I have downloaded the latest drivers for w7... so if this continues I will move the GTX470 I have installed on the "old" system I am using right now to see what happens.

                I have connected the computer to the internet and got windows update do its work.

                Any recommendation is welcomed!


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                  Islanders66 Level 1

                  Try the GTX470.. also might want to only use 2 sticks of RAM at a time to test if there is problem there.. move them to differnt slots.. try also starting with just one HDD... to try and isolate if there is a defective hardware issue..


                  You may want to post your original post over at some site like Toms Hardware. Hope you get this sorted out soon!

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                    lucar10 Level 1

                    Ok..here I am again but with a good news. I finnaly got figure it out what the problem was with this annoying blue screen: The video card was not properly seated in the motherboard! Yes...this is the cost of the lack of experience, but at least I could notice that before I hang up myself.

                    I noticed this last Monday afternoon and decided to keep cheking it and since then I have not had any more blue screens. Last night I decided to reinstall windows again and reformat the Hd for a clean install. All motherboard drivers and windows updates done and the system is still working great with no issues. No yellow signs at device manager.

                    I also installed CoreTemp and have been monitoring the core temperatures since last monday and they have gone from 11C (lowest) to 35C (highest) temp. I think it is ok and that the air flow and cooling hardware installed are doing their job good. I am right?

                    The next step would it be to prepare the system for CS5 suite and install my GTX470 card (previously remove the old Radeon card drivers).

                    Any ideas or recommendations will be very appreciated!

                    Also, I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE THAT HAS HELP ME PUTTING MY FIRST SYSTEM TOGETHER. This whole process has been a lot easier that I was expecting ( the blue screen issue was actually predicted in my list, since I am not an experienced person in computer the world).

                    God bless you all for your valuable suport!


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                      Islanders66 Level 1

                      I'm glad you got that sorted out! That graphics card gave you a run for the money! The 470 should run pretty well. I think it's the same as the 570 except if runs a little warmer, so good thing your temps appear very low, which is good.


                      Keep reading some of these other threads. You will have no problem running more test, optimizing, or trouble shooting your computer.