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    No playback of multiple F4M assets in a ParallelElement?

    Dean Stringer

      Hi folks. I'm developing a player to handle playback and layout of multiple (two initially) videos in Flash using OSMF and have come across a problem with HTTP streamed F4M sources.


      If I create a ParallelElement and add two source resources (either via the MediaFactory or directly as Video/MediaElements) they will play OK as long as no more than one source is via an F4M manifest. E.g. F4M+RTMP is ok, F4M+FLV Progressive is ok, but 2xF4M sources result in only the last source added to the ParallelElement being played back.


      Playback of the same F4M sources is fine when added as SerialElements in a composition in the player.


      I'm using an OSMF build (v1.6) with debugging and logging on and although manifest files for both recordings are fetched there's nothing being logged to say why the fragments for the first source are not being retrieved. Basically nothing is logged for the first element after the manifest fetch, whereas the second elements logging continues as expected.


      Have also tried this in the sample players that ship w OSMF and they all exhibit the same behaviour.


      Am going to work through adding breakpoints/traces in OSMF to see where/why this isn't working as expected but thought I'd check here in case anyone has seen this before, or maybe knows if it's by design, i.e. that only one HTTP stream is playable in a composition. I've checked in the Wiki and in the AS docs at Adobe but havent seen mention of this not being possible. Can anyone shed any light on this?