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    Elements 10 shutting down in edit

    jwallerneedshelp Level 1

      hi, could someone help me.  i am fairly new to elements, just loaded elements 10 mac on lion.  it installed perfectly (or so i think).  i have never used the organize part of it fo nt familair.  when i open elements, if i chose "edit" and work then when i close (flle, quite elements) it closes but i get a message that reads elements quit unexpectanly. 


      am i not shutting down properly?  do i have to go through "organzie" then do my edits then close?  when i open in "organize" and close by chosing  file, quite, i don't get that messae.  on;y when i go through edit. 


      i have ran permissions and nothing is to be repaired.  also i might me mention,  this computer is only 2 days old and this is the first app to be installed and only a hand full of photos.


      thank you,