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    target link appearance


      hi, i am trying to create cross references(internal links) within a document, so when the link is clicked it takes you a page (like a glossary), with a specific text and header block surrounded by an invisible  linkbox. i want to change the appearance of the link box from invisible to visible (on the glossary), then when the link is clicked it turns the visibility off and goes back to page with the original  link reference.

      Linking with the text tool is no problem but i cant figure out how target specific references on the (glossary page) through javascript and i cant find the link variable names.

      any ideas how to target links with javascript?


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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Instead of links in the glossary, use buttons. They can be made to appear active/inactive via JavaScript. For example, you can use a JavaScript in a link action to display the button's border:


          getField("glossary_target_1").strokeColor = color.red;


          Where "glossary_target_1" is the name of the button in the glossary that you want to affect.


          And in the button's Mouse Up action, it can reset its border color:


          event.target.strokeColor = color.transparent;