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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 Mac - Major Metadata Problems

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      I am having major problems with the Metadata system in Premiere Pro CS5.5


      I have created a custom scheme and added the following property "Key" and set it to have a boolean value (Check Mark)


      My Metadata display correctly displays the "Key" property and I can check it. Just like expected.

      I will now apply it to the clip(s) in need of that meta property.

      In the project column the property is also show correctly...


      All good so far but now comes the two major problems


      PROBLEM 1


      1) I have about 300 clips in the project panel

      2) If I click the column header I can sort accordingly

      3) Clicking name or Labels will immediately sort correctly. 1 Second tops.

      4) If I click the column header of my custom propert "Key" I get the SWOD and it takes about 120 seconds for Premiere to sort adhering to the Key Column.

      2 minutes for that is a VERY long time compared to sorting by name...


      Could this be a bug or am I doing something wrong...



      PROBLEM 2


      In the project panel's search field I will enter "Key" but nothing will appear... At least that is what I thought.

      It took more than ONE HOUR for Premiere's search results to be able to identify that a clip had gotten that property checked. (Clicking the Clip immediately reflects that it has been checked)

      I even timed it. Ckecked the Key property for 4 new clips which did not have the meta applied to them.

      In the search field I entered 'Key" but only the clip which had had the Key meta tagged since 1 hour would appear.

      I waited another hour and now those very 4 clips also appear in the search field. The same goes for the "Good" meta boolean which is NOT a custom field.


      I saved the project in between quit Premiere and re-launched but THAT did NOT help PPRO find that Property in the search field.

      As I said, it takes about 1 hour for Premiere to be able to included those metadata in the search results.


      Funny thing is, if I enter 'true' which is the boolean text-string for a checked property the results appear immediately. But there is NOT much use in having ALL boolean fields appear that are checked.


      I welcome that adobe implemented metadata across their apps but ELEGANT is something entirely different.


      Could anyone shed some light on this ?