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    Screen size in PowerPoint

    adob1948 Level 1

      I am producing screen videos for a LMS which has the maximum width of 900 pixel.

      My aproach is to use a 16x9 relation, so 896 x 504 will fit into the maximum of 900.

      The second usage of such files will be for youtube.

      Will a size of 896 x 504 be resized for youtube quite good?

      Or is significant better to use a 960x540, thats the half of 1980x1080, which is a standard HDTV format - but does not fit into the LMS of my choice.


      Is there a formula/calculator how to set Powerpoint 2010 in inch and get the matching pixel size?

      In that tutorial they are adjusting the dpi for matching.

      When using in Photoshop the recalculation with a dpi of 72

      896 pixel => 12,444 inch

      504 pixel => 7 inch

      Is that the best aproach?