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    Highlight duplicate fields with scripting?

    discodv Level 1

      Hi everyone. I need help. I'm new to LiveCycle and I wanted to know if it's possible to write a script to highlight duplicate values in a table of numeric fields. I want to create something in LiveCycle like what I did in Excel. I created a simple table of 1 row, 6 columns (my "Numbers Drawn" table) and a table of 50 rows and 6 columns ("Our Numbers"). I will enter numbers in the Our Numbers section, then when numbers are drawn, I will enter them in the Numbers Drawn table. Instead of checking to see if I have any matches manually, is there a way to highlight duplicate values as in excel? Do I have to make one table or can I do this with several tables checking against each other for duplicate values? I included a picture of what I did in excel. Thanks for your help!!