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    Batch adjustments and resizing


      I am currently working on a project in which I am editing hundreds of pictures.  I need them all have the same canvas/image size because they are being used on a website catolog.  I also need a small 'move' command to shift the product 100 pixels. Is it possible to batch edit folders of pictures as to adjust the canvas/image size and apply the move command to many photos at once?  Thanks very much!!

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          Muppet Mark Level 5

          Have you taken a look at Image Processor under Photoshop's menubar/File/Scripts/Image Processor… The move you could make and record in an action ( you play out the action as part of the main script )

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            Yes the image processor should be able to batch process your image files and using a simple action you create in it processing miniplulate the images the way you want. The image processor mal also be used to resample their size.  However I do not understand what you mean when you wrote move the product 100 pixels.  Are these files layered files with a product on a layer above the backbeound layer. I so in the action you can slelect the bottom layer the select layer forward and the use free transform to move the product by setting the anchor point and enterint =|- 100 in the x or y fields.  If by 100 pixels you trying to add a margin on a side you cand do that usinf Canvas size set anchor point check relative and entering the 100 px in width or height.  All images must have the same aspect ratio to begin with if you need them all to the same size or you must crop the to the sames aspect ration before the resize fit.