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    Random Pages Went Blank! Objects still there




      I'm experiencing a weird bug, one week before the deadline of a big project, and I'm somewhat panicing right now...


      Several spreads (in 172-page document) went completely blank (they just look white, and not even master page is visible).


      If I copy-paste the spread from an earlier version of this project, all I get is what looks like an invisible dot in the center of the spread that's selected.


      If I just drag the selection tool over the spread (without pasting anything), I get the same "dot" in the centre selected.


      That dot appears to be all the objects on my page, as they still show up in the layers panel, and get the blue square when they are selected (see screenshot).


      Has anyone experienced this before and/or knows how to get my spreads looking normal?


      Thank you so much.