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    How to deactivate Photoshop Elements


      I dont know how to do this. I need to install my disc on a new computer and it told me my serial number is good for 2 computers and i need to deactivate one


      please send replys to my email address


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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          You open the Editor on your old PC and on the menu bar click Help à Deactivate


          If that doesn’t work you need to contact support at the link below. Click I need help with deactivation and it’s often possible to initiate live chat.





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            ashborges Level 1

            When you'll go to Editor's Help -> Deactivate..., you'll see a window like



            Click on "Deactivate Permanently". It will deactivate your serial number on that machine and you can use that serial number on some other machine.

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              nam69 Level 1

              Thanks to all for the help. I did contact the company and they were able to

              give me an activation on my new computer since my other computer died with

              the program installed. I also have the program installed on my laptop but I

              dont have an option to deactive it using the help button. That option is

              showing on my desktop, but not on my laptop. So I would have to call the

              company again to get help if my laptop goes down or I buy a new one?

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                Barbara B. Level 7

                You are looking in editor and not organizer? Do you keep getting a screen asking you to enter your serial number, by any chance?

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                  nam69 Level 1

                  No everything works on both my laptop and desktop, but there is no button

                  to deactivate the program like I have on my desktop. My desktop is brand

                  new but what if I want to change out laptops, I dont have a option right


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                    nam69 Level 1

                    I have it back on my laptop. I think it was account I had photos in there

                    being worked on

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                      nam69 Level 1

                      I don't have it now and I am doing an update. I think you must have all

                      photos out of the editor to be able to see the deactivate button?? Not sure

                      about this one, But I saved a picture that I had in editor and then checked

                      the help button and the deactivate button was showing then, After this

                      update I will investigate further

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                        Barbara B. Level 7

                        Yes, you can't deactivate while working on a photo. That's so you don't lose your work.

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                          nam69 Level 1

                          Yes I am figuring that out now. The only way I get to the deactivate button

                          is by hitting file and then select photshop elements file then it loads it

                          asking for a name under that is preset which default is selected, under

                          that size, its a window. If I close out of that my button will show up in

                          the help button. I don't want anything running right now. I don't know how

                          to turn off the editor. The window I have now is editor full with like a

                          bunch of pictures of apples on the right side. If i click out of this and

                          then reopen photoshopin edit or organize under the welcome screen, I have

                          no button, I hope this makes sense to you. I probably have something

                          running that does not need to be. I am a newbie and the photos I have in

                          the program and not important. Thanks for the help thus far, Pete

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                            Barbara B. Level 7

                            Actually that doesn't make much sense. Deactivate means "I will never use this program again on this computer", so you can't deactivate unless PSE perceives you're not busy doing something. Obviously you won't deactivate while you're working. Launch the editor then immediately go to Help>Deactivate and that's all it should take.

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                              nam69 Level 1

                              I am an idiot. I am selecting organizer on the welcome screen, Should I

                              open this program under edit I want to get all the pictures that are on

                              this program to an ecternal hard drive, Thanks for the help. I really

                              appreciate it. I bought the book Photo elements 10 and its like a bible

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                                Barbara B. Level 7

                                Deactivating has no effect on your pictures or on organizer. It only affects editor. Even so, I would wait till you have completed your organizer backup and are sure you are through with PSE before deactivating it.

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                                  nam69 Level 1

                                  Got it, I think I am OK now, I had another program called Picisa and I just

                                  uninstalled it as it was saving all my pictures that I did not want saved

                                  on this laptop. It was a free editor. No need to have that on here. I took

                                  it off my desktop also. Just Elements on both now. If I save pictures it

                                  will be on this desktop becasue its new and I bought plenty of room for

                                  pictures and music (1tb hard drive). Thanks again, Pete

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                                    nam69 Level 1

                                    Lots to read in that book of yours lol, Pete

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                                      It would be helpful to add that the Editor to which you refer is Adobe Photoshop/Elements Editor. It took me about 10 minutes of searching to figure that out.

                                      The answer may be very helpful, because Adobe instructions do not specify how to use the Editor to deactivate. In fact, I followed a set of Adobe instructions (source?, don't remember right now) and only uninstalled the program - PE13. That didn't help with getting the number of installations reduced in my Adobe account.

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                                        destravlr Level 1

                                        Follow on:  In PE13 Editor, I went to Help, then to Sign Off. There was no "Deactivate" anywhere, but Signing Off was supposed to deactivate that registered copy.


                                        It did not, at least as far as removing 1 of the 2 PE13 installations that show up when I go to my Adobe account.


                                        Still trying to get  hold of an Adobe human to help.

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                                          Barbara B. Level 7

                                          For help with activation, you don't want regular customer support, but rather activation support. You  need to contact them from this page:


                                          Activation & deactivation help

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                                            destravlr Level 1

                                            Added to my other replies to Barbara B.:


                                            I have tried the A & D help page several times and find that it leads to nothing. It will not lead to a chat source after asking for "more information."

                                            I did stumble across a chat window, but every time I tried it, it apologized for "not being available now."

                                            I followed Adobe Care to a Twitter page that did not lead to a source of a real chat technician, or any other source of changing the registered products in my account.

                                            Is Adobe so paranoid that someone will use their products without paying that they make it almost impossible for a valid registered user to communicate with them?

                                            Still trying.

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                                              destravlr Level 1

                                              You can go to the Activation & deactivation help all you want, wait at each page as long as you want, and there will be no response from Adobe. You will not find a chat icon that works, a contact us box that works, or any other help for Photoshop Elements. If you dial an Adobe phone number, eventually you will be told that Adobe provides no phone support for PE.

                                              I have installed and tried to deactivate PE13 on my PC at least 4 times now. Any Adobe "help" page you find will not have the correct information, at least for PE13 deactivation.

                                              I think it's time to go to a hack site to get a code that will work on my Mini.

                                              Must find some solution before I start destroying hardware in frustration.

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                                                destravlr Level 1

                                                I don't know where Correct Answer came from, but it does not help getting PE deactivated. If somehow you go to

                                                the PE Help on the PE13 menu bar, you will not see "Deactivate" you will see a Sign Out choice. That tells you, on

                                                a PC to go to Control Panel and Unistall the program. You will be given one choice about saving or deleting preferences,

                                                but no other choice. There is a series of screen shots on one of the Adobe "help" pages that shows more options for

                                                permanently removing the program from your current installation. I've gone through that 4 times now and nothing shows

                                                on my Adobe account under My Products. There are 2 registrations on Mar 6, 2015. I only registered the program on one

                                                machine, my PC, so why are there 2 registrations showing?

                                                Even the Geek Squad has only online info that does not lead to an Adobe human chat site. Sob.

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                                                  Barbara B. Level 7

                                                  I have no trouble getting the active chat window, although it's a long slog to get there. Only activation support can fix this for you, so you will just have to persevere. Are you continuing even when it looks like you're getting looped back to a page you just left a couple of clicks ago? That's not really the same page--it just looks identical, for one of those mysterious adobe reasons, but if you fill in the info again and go on it does take you to someplace else.


                                                  Also, if you are using a program like Ghostery or another program that blocks trackers and such, you need to disable it  when you get the page that shows the chat option, or the actual chat window is blocked from appearing.