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    Shared Object skip intro after first visit


      Hopefully you guys can see something i am missing. I want to skip the intro of the flash movie after the first visit, so the user doesn't have to see the intro to get to the main site.


      I have the code below on frame 1, an intro flv on frame 2 and the main site on frame 3. Code seems perfect and straight forward, why is it not working for me. I had a stop(); on frame 2 and 3 but I removed them to see if that would fix it, but no luck.



      _so = SharedObject.getLocal("skipIntro");

      _introcheck = 0;

      if (_so.data.introcheck != _introcheck) {

      _so.data.introcheck = 0;


      //Intro has not been played


      } else {

      //Intro has been played