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    R6025 pure virtual function call

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      Got error "R6025 pure virtual function call".


      Thats an error send by InCopy after quitting application.

      Sorry for writing on this forum but on InCopy Forum is 2 month freeze from the last post


      So, this error is showing when I run a #targetengine "session" script (no errors) and try to quit application after that.


      Script is, in general, finding text tool, which open series of InCopy docs (visible false), close them, and showing total findText() result in window ("palette")


      Can you help me to find a solution or where should I looking for?



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          1. Apr 12, 2011 2:50 AM (in response to barbron3608)

            Re: How do I correct a Runtime error  R6025?     

          This has nothing to do with Adobe software. This is a system error and usually indicates problems with missing DLLs or other such stuff. Could have been a Windows update or some otehr programs.... Impossible to tell from a distance. Check your Windows event viewer for more concrete info.




          Just to deeper explain...

          This error shows ONLY if I had run this script and ONLY when I try to close application (InCopy). Doesn't matter if 1 minute or few hours later.

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            Jump_Over Level 5

            OK, just to more deeper explain,


            From my debugging moves looks like there is a question about #targetengine "session" vs. window ("palette") vs. open.file


            The last thing script do is showing find results in window "palette" and allow user to open chosen file from list box.

            (as I wrote, there is no errors when I run script, use a list from "palette" to open file (files), close "palette" or keep it opened, use InCopy for further purpose.)


            Error is shown when I close InCopy, but...

            1. When I did not open any doc from "palette" - there is no error.

            2. When I opened some file - doesn't matter if I closed it, left open, left "palette" open or close - and try to quit application - error is shown.


            So, and thats a beginner question, if my #targetengine "session" script open some file and user (not script) close it - there is some "handler" active which involves this kind of error when application is going to quit?

            Or, closing my #targetengine "session" script, which I understand as closing "palette", should proceed some more procedures then only win.close()?


            Thx for your patience

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              So, should I assume thats this kind of problem is

              to wide to discuss?

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                Not to wide to discuss! I am having the same issue with very similiar circumstances. I have a script that opens a dialog that gives a list of page ranges. After the user clicks ok the new document is created. From there, there are multiple palettes that can be open and closed for various reasons so I could never wittle it down to a certain circumstance like you have but I imagine it is the same thing. Any other luck on this?

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                  No luck.

                  I just change window ("palette") to window ("dialog")

                  so user is in "single mode" with this Find Feature.

                  This is a step back but error disappear in this case.

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                    bduffy323 Level 1

                    hmm, that stinks. I unfortunately need the type palette so I can work on the document in the background while keeping my UI up. If by chance you stumble on to anything else that may help post it back here. I will be doing the same.

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                      krg00 Level 1

                      I'm getting this same error every time I quit Adobe Animate CC, no matter what it is I'm doing. It also seems to undo all my setting Sync updates.


                      Runtime Error!


                      (lists exe file)



                      - pure virtual function call

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                        Trevorׅ Adobe Community Professional

                        Unlikely to help but worth trying "window" instead of "palette"

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                          Dirk Becker Level 4

                          No script should crash the application, so the OS error message indicates a bug.


                          You might get lucky if you remove all references to the closed palette object and then explicitly invoke the garbage collector.

                          E.g. your "session" target engine may still have a pointer from its global variable "win".


                          // assign something else

                          win = null;

                          // or

                          delete win;


                          // force garbage collection


                          // do it twice, I found that makes a difference



                          // Have a look at this output, maybe the palette is reachable by other means (variable pointing to a button?)