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    httpservice resulthandler in different window

    DOULETTE Level 1

      I am working on an AIR application with 2 windows: One to create a new customer and another to display some information about the customer. On window 1, there is also a textfield to search for a customer by Id or name.



      These are the steps to create a new customer:



      with an "add" button on window 1, I open window 2.

      on window 2, the user completes a form to create a new customer.

      the information is saved in a MySQL Database over an HttpService.

      The result handler method calls a public function on window 1:



      result = "new wWin1().resultSaveCustomer(event)"

      This part works well - the new customer Id is received.



      In some cases, according customer data, I change the component color - this operation works well, if I load a customer after a using the search field, but if I search directly from the resultSaveCustomer function (after completion of step 3), a message appears:



      Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.



      I don't understand why, because all the components in window 1, have an Id name! Or the property is a label with Id Name.



      Thanks for helping me.