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    Help with javascript




      Am new to Adobe script writing and need some help with a company wide form we use here at Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School.  I am a MircoSoft Access programmer with over 20 years of experience.  Any help with my problem will be greatly appreciated. 


      I am an electronic instructor and part of our job is to evaluate over instructors.  We have an Adobe Acrobat form that asks 49 questions.  The dropdown list allows the values of N/A, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to be selected by the evaluator.  The problem is the final average field.  I have tried differnt things but everytime I try to write a javascript program to do the calculation, the field does not display anything. 


      I built a simple form that uses the same naming conventions as the final form.  It has 3 dropdown fields and a final avereage field. 


      Here is all the code that I have been playing with;


      int count;      //declare count as integer

      int totalcount;     //declare totalcount as integer


      count = 0;          //set count to 0

      totalcount = 0;    //set totalcount to 0


      totalcount = xfa.form.F.P1.DropDownList1.rawvalue + xfa.form.F.P1.DropDownList2.rawvalue + xfa.form.F.P1.DropDownList3.rawvalue;


      if (xfa.form.F.P1.DropDownList1.rawvalue > 0)  {

           count = count + 1;


      if (xfa.form.F.P1.DropDownList2.rawvalue > 0)  {

           count = count + 1;


      if (xfa.form.F.P1.DropDownList3.rawvalue > 0)  {

           count = count + 1;



      this.rawValue = totalcount / count;




      I would have attached my file but I can't figure out how to do that. 


      any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. 


      Thank you ahead of time.