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    Getting started with Photoshop Touch

    Moshe5368 Level 1

      I have never used any version of Photoshop so my first experience with PS Touch has been somewhat difficult.I cannot locate the completed files from my projects on my sd card. The lack of written documentation has hindered my progress and the tutorial videos seem to assume a basic knowledge of the tools within the application. I can see that PS Touch is a very powerful application and will fill my needs for photo editing and allow me to make wallpapers for tablets if I can just get the basics down. Surely there is some form of written documentation I can obtain to assist me in becomming proficient with the program. So to get to my questions: (1) where does PS Touch store project files (specific directory). (2) What format are the files stored in? (3) where can I locate basic instructions concerning the various tools and their uses?

      Answers to these questions will allow me to take full advantage of this app. Thanks in advance, Moshe

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          Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee



          The internal PS Touch file are stored in the application folder - which can only be reached by PS Touch according to the Android Security model.

          The internal format for PS Touch is PSDX.

          You can also export the files (PNG/JPG) to the Camera Roll - which end up in the Adobe Photoshop Touch folder (you can see it in the Gallery).

          You can however share the document as a PSD, JPG or PNG if you use the "Share by Email".

          If you want to upload the files to the Adobe Creative Cloud you can chose between the three latter ones as well as the PSDX.


          Concerning the instructions - at the moment there is no specific information about all the tools. If you run them through a search engine you will probably get some more help.

          You can try to use the tutorials to get somewhat more familiar with some of the tools, they show a step by step workflow.

          If you would experence problems please let me know.




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            Luanne Seymour Adobe Employee

            Hi Moshe5368,

            This forum is a good place to start if you have questions about Photoshop Touch. If you want a very detailed walkthrough of the product  interface, I recommend looking at this page: Photoshop Touch for Android: Part 1 The UI layout. It was created by Serapth2 who is a contributor to this forum. Please feel free to ask other questions that his walkthrough doesn't cover. We will be happy to help you find the answer.




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