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    AE Bug - 23.976 Quicktime Exports have 29.97 timecode readout

    Imaginary Rob

      I've found a repeatable problem that seems to be an AE CS5 bug -- can anyone confirm this for me?


      Render a 23.976 comp as a quicktime movie, then open it in QuickTime Player (v7, not X, as X doesn't show timecode).


      GET-INFO (CMD-I) shows the proper 23.98 framerate and duration.


      Viewing TimeCode track, it's in base 30, and skips every 5th frame number.

      Viewing Frames track, it skips every 5th frame number (and thus the final frame number is wrong)


      Seems to be AE-related, since sending this same screwy-timecode movie through Compressor gives you a movie with proper timecode track.


      Also, rendering a straight 24fps movie out of AE has proper 24fps timecode.


      Can anyone confirm this is a bug?  Has Adobe acknowledged it?