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    Digital Editions and mklink


      We are unable to use Digial Editions on our campus currently due to what seems to be a problem in Digital Editions.  If the user's  "Documents" folder is redirected to a different location using the "mklink" utility Digital Editions fails to download new content.  The symbolic link can be to a local drive, or a network drive, it seems to make no difference.  


      If i remove the symbolic link, and create a "Documetns" folder on the local hard drive, digital Editons behaves as expected.


      I had hoped I could just point Digital Editions to save to a local folder that is not redirected, but I see no way of changing the default folder from %userprofile%\Documents\My Digital Editions either.


      Does anyone have any solutions?


      John Wohlers

      Library Technology Coordinator

      Waubonsee Community College