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    Action builder - make object visible not working.


      When using LiveCycle 9 action builder, I can make objects invisible (button click) with no problem.  But then when I try action builder  to make the same objects visible with another button click  action, it doesn't work. I could use some ideas what might be wrong.



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          More information.


          1. When I designate an object "invisible" during composing I cannot get it to then show programatically with a button click.


          this.resolveNode("countryCodeDropdown").presence = "visible";  (Doesn't work)




          2. However, if I render that object "invisible" programatically, then I can get it to show programatically.


          This code in a "change" script makes the same object invisible.

          this.resolveNode("countryCodeDropdown").presence = "invisible";


          and now, this button-click code works. (Same code as above)


          this.resolveNode("countryCodeDropdown").presence = "visible";


          What is different?

          I've tried setting the object visible in composing and making it invisible when the form loads, but then it will not unhide.