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    link in program won't open .htm page in .chm file

    Maury boy

      Previously we were able to link to an individual topic in a RoboHelp .chm (this old copy may have been generated in RHx5 or earlier) by clicking a link in the program interface.


      This is how the link was written in MS Help Server Program HH -


           m_strHelpPath[0] = "mk:@MSITStore:%sSystem\\FabriTALK.chm::/Connecting_a_Control.htm";


      The .chm file compliled in RH8 will not open the topic level doc. It opens the .chm file, but for some reason won't dig down to the .htm to open it the way it used to.


      Is this a question of compile settings?


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you