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    reading variables from a text file into a flash projector exe


      I am using Flash CS4 and my script is in ActionScript2.


      I am developing a flash projector file that runs when a user puts in a cd to guide them through the steps they need to install a program and then kicks off the installer.


      I use fscommand to run a utility that reads the users registry to determine the PCs regional settings and then writes this to a text file in the users %temp% directory.


      I then use the LoadVariablesNum command to read in the text file and get the variables.


      This was working fine when I had the text file stored in a different directory, but when I try and refer to the %temp% directory, I get an Error opening file message.


      Is there anyway to get flash to look in the %Temp% directory?


      Thanks in advance,


      Carol Lutz