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    User accounts


      Can accounts be shared between users?


      We want to have about 5 authors create forms and about 10 users (the 5 authors plus others) access the account to see results and do analysis. This is how we work today with another cloud-based form service.


      If each of us had to have a separate account it Forms Central would be too expensive (although we have 5 authors, we only create a total of about 4 forms a month between us, so $1,000 a year would not work). Even more important, we want one place where we can manage all the forms and results.


      Can we (legally) set up one account "My.Account@mycompany.com" and share the id/password with all 5 authors and the additional 5 managers?



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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee


          You should never share ids/passwords. Anyone who authors a new form needs an account. We hope to provide volume discounts later this year which will make this more economical.


          With that said, you can allow others to be co-authors without incurring additional cost. Co-authors can do everything an author can do except they can't create a new form (they can modify an existing form and manage responses). That flexibility may allow you to do what you want.


          Hope this helps.



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            keithrmanning Level 1



            Thanks for the prompt reply. We could make the existing collaboration features work - but it would mean having one author for all forms and sharing every form with all interested partners. What we really need is a single account which can have multiple users access the same repository of forms and responses (this is what we have with our current cloud-based forms service). "Volume discounts" on the existing account type would reduce the cost but would not give us the easier sharing.


            We would pay more than $200 per year for a multi-user account - but not $1,000 a year, since our forms volume would not justify that investment. Our current service is only around $300 a year and, while we think your service would be better, the differences are not large.


            Thanks again, Keith