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    Issues with Camera on Flex Mobile with iPhone 4s


      Has anyone experienced any issues with the camera resolution being reduced significantly on iPhone 4s devices? I am having a few issues with this. In one case if I put the dpi of the flex application at the lowest setting, thereby supposedly allowing the Flex framework determine that it should scale up, it reduces the resolution of the camera when it is attached to a Video component. In another case, even when I set the dpi to 320, the highest that can be set for a Flex application, it appears that the images that come back from the camera and that are output on the Video component are all zoomed in. The images look very pixelated in comparison to using the iPhone's own camera application. Just for your information, I am having to do a matrix rotation on the Video component in order for the default landscape mode to appear like it is in portrait mode, which is a requirement of my application. I've read in the documentation that on phones that support multiple orientations, the camera is always displayed in landscape mode when attached to a Video component, which is why I need to do the rotation. Is there some setting that preserves the resolution of the Camera object when attached to a Video component in Flex?