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    Javascript in InDesign?

    senrab75 Level 1

      I am not sure if I am in the right place for this or not, but am hoping someone can help me.  I am currently using InDesign CS3 to make a variety of PDFS for my place of work.  Many of these PDFs have external links on them to other PDFs or other webpages.  It is important to the owners of the company that when a  user clicks on a link, it opens in a new window, rather than changing the current browser window. 


      Currently, in order to do this, I have to export the document to PDF, then open it in Adobe Acrobat and set up javascript function on each link.  The coding I use to do this is app.launchURL("http://www.MySampleURL.com/someFolder/somePage.html", true);.  I would love to find away to set this up automatically in InDesign, so when I export it, it carries it forward - this would be a huge time saver for me. 


      Feedback appreciated.