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    How do I use LiveCycle JAVA API's to LOCALLY invoke my application?


      Hi All,


      I have created a client application that can invoke my LiveCycle applications using either EJB or SOAP.  Now, one of our architects is asking me to move my client application into the SAME JVM as LiveCycle is running and invoke the application locally for performance sake.


      I expect that it is probably a simple change, but I have been unable to find documentation that shows how to do it and I am not able to tell from simply looking at the API's directly.  The following link describes how to set up the connection properties when using the LiveCycle java APIs, but its unclear to me how to change this to make a local invocation:




      I am thinking that MAYBE if I simply change my EJB endpoint to use "localhost", that maybe it would internally do a local invocation, but I'm not sure.  Does anyone know the answer to this?


      Thanks in Advance!