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    Please help me understand making and loading variable classes

    subtlefly72 Level 1

      Hi guys ,

      I know that I am stupid but I just can't get this!  AS3 says you need to load variables into a class?  Please please give me a simple example


      my variables look like this... (the whole point of playing around with variables was that if I had to make a change I could access one place and change them...

      but now I realse that I can't access or call them outside the movie clip they are in:(

      please hlep me!

      var ans1="";

      var ans2="";

      var w1="ABN";

      var def1="An ABN (Australian Business Number), is a personal number for your business that makes it easier and quicker to deal with  government and other businesses.";

      var w2="ACN";

      var def2="An ACN is an Australian Company Number, which is a special number that each company gets to identify it.  No two companies can have the same ACN";

      var w3="Action Plan";

      var def3="A business Action Plan will show What needs to be done and When it needs to be done by."

      var w4="Advertising";

      var def4="Advertising is producing information to let people know about your business and try to increase sales."

      var w5="Promotions";

      var def5="Promotions are where your business tries to increase the sales of a particular item through offering a good deal, advertising or a special display.";

      var w6="Benefit";

      var def6="A benefit is something good that you get.  One benefit of doing exercise is getting fit, another benefit is losing weight.";

      var w7="Business Mentor";

      var def7="A business mentor is a trusted guide. Someone who has experience and has been successful in business and can help and advise you.";

      var w8="Business Name";

      var def8="A Business name is the name a business uses to do its work.  It lets customers know who you are.";

      var w9="Business Registration";

      var def9="When you start a business you need to register your ABN, you may need to register your business name.";

      var w10="Cash flow";

      var def10="Cash Flow for a business is having enough cash saved to be able to pay your bills when they are due.";

      var w11="Characteristic";

      var def11="The characteristics of something are describing words about that thing.";

      var w12="Charges";

      var def12="A charge is something you have to pay, an expense.";

      var w13="Company";

      var def13="Is the same as a corporation. A company is a type of business that needs to be registered (either State or Federal) and has special legal status.  A company can put Pty. Ltd after it’s business name.";

      var w14="Competitor";

      var def14="A competitor is another business that is challenging you for customers.";

      var w15="Constitution";

      var def15="A constitution in business is a list of rules and principles that a company has agreed to follow.";

      var w16="Corporations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act";

      var def16="In the 1960s and 1970s, various reviews advised the Australian Government of the need for legislation to make it easier for Indigenous communities and organisations to form corporations. As a result, the ACA Act was passed, allowing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups to form corporations for any social or economic purpose.";

      var w17="Corporations Act";

      var def17="The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) have laws that apply to corporations and these are found in the Corporations Act.";

      var w18="Cultural knowledge";

      var def18="Cultural knowledge is special information that is held by a particular cultural group, this could include technologies (e.g. special ways of using materials, making and using tools), stories, language and song, cultural rules, taboos, regulations and oral history.";

      var w19="Customer";

      var def19="The customer is someone who is buying something from a business.";

      var w20="Debt";

      var def20="Is something that you have to pay back. If you borrow 20 dollars you have a $20 debt.";

      var w21="Direct competitor";

      var def21="Is selling exactly the same thing as your business and competing for your customers.";

      var w22="Dividend";

      var def22="A dividend is money that is paid to shareholders regularly out of the company’s profits.";

      var w23="(Microsoft) Excel";

      var def23="Microsoft Excel is a computer program that lets you keep lists of numbers and also add up totals and do other sums to those numbers.";

      var w24="Fees";

      var def24="A fee is something that you have to pay, an expense.";

      var w25="Financial Management";

      var def25="Financial Management is the planning, organising, checking  and controlling of the income, expenses and Tax for a business.";

      var w26="Franchise";

      var def26="A franchise is a type of business you can buy. When you buy a franchise you set up the same type of business that has been successful somewhere else.";

      var w27="General ledger";

      var def27="A general ledger for a business is where all of the income and expenses for that business are kept in a document.";

      var w28="Goal";

      var def28="A goal is a target that you set yourself or your business.  Something that you want to achieve.";

      var w29="Growth opportunity";

      var def29="A growth opportunity is a chance for a business to get bigger.";

      var w30="GST";

      var def30="The Goods and Services Tax is paid when you buy things. Some items like food and medicine do not have the Goods and Services tax charged to them.";

      var w31="ICN";

      var def31="Indigenous Corporations Number is a special number given each indigenous corporation to identify it. No two indigenous corporations can have the same ICN.";

      var w32="Incorporate";

      var def32="Incorporate is what people do when they create a company or corporation.";

      var w33="Indirect competitor";

      var def33="An indirect competitor is selling a similar product or service to your business.  E.g. If you had a pizza shop, a fried chicken shop is an indirect competitor because it sells food and your customers might want to eat chicken instead of pizza.";

      var w34="Labour";

      var def34="Labour is all the work done by people (including you) in your business.";

      var w35="Legal name";

      var def35="Your Legal Name is the name that is on your Birth Certificate.";

      var w36="Legal protection";

      var def36="Legal protection means you are protected under the law from certain things happening.";

      var w37="Legal structure (business)";

      var def37="Legal structure is the type of business, sole trader, company, partnership.";

      var w38="Liability";

      var def38="A liability is something you are responsible for.";

      var w39="Licence";

      var def39="A license is proof that you have permission to do something.  For example, if you have a driving license you can drive a car.";

      var w40="Lodge";

      var def40="To lodge a form means to send it to where it has to go.";

      var w41="Manufacturing";

      var def41="A manufacturing business makes things.";

      var w42="Marketing budget";

      var def42="A marketing budget is the amount of money you have set aside for advertising and promotion for your business.";

      var w43="Minor criminal convictions";

      var def43="A minor criminal conviction is something small you have been in trouble over with the police.  Shop lifting is an example of a minor criminal conviction. ";

      var w44="MYOB";

      var def44="MYOB is financial management software for business.";

      var w45="Networks";

      var def45="A network for business is all of your contacts, customers and the people you know through doing business. ";

      var w46="Obligations";

      var def46="Obligations are things you are responsible for.";

      var w47="One off";

      var def47="A “one off” cost is something that only needs to be paid for once.";

      var w48="Operating budget";

      var def48="The Operating Budget is a record of the income and expenses of a business.";

      var w49="Overheads";

      var def49="Overheads are the expenses or costs in running your business, the things you have to pay for.";

      var w50="Partnership";

      var def50="A partnership is where two or more people own and run a business.";

      var w51="Permission";

      var def51="Permission is where you ask if you can do something.  If you ask and the person, group or council and they say yes, you have permission.";

      var w52="Permit";

      var def52="A permit is a special license or permission to do something";

      var w53="Personal assets";

      var def53="Personal assets are things that you own, like your car, house and furniture.";

      var w54="Personal protection";

      var def54="Being part of a company offers the shareholders some personal protection from legal and debt liabilities. This means that they have less responsibility than a Sole trader.";

      var w55="Photo identification";

      var def55="Photo Identification is a document that shows who you are and has your photo on it, like a Driver’s License, 18+ card or a passport.";

      var w56="Postal address";

      var def56="Your postal address is the address where you get your mail sent.  It might be different to the address where you live.";

      var w57="Pricing structure";

      var def57="Pricing structure is where prices for something can change depending on how much the customer orders.  The bigger the order the cheaper the price becomes.";

      var w58="Private";

      var def58="Private means not part of government.";

      var w59="Profitable";

      var def59="Profitable means that there is money left over after a business pays for all of its expenses out of the money it has made.";

      var w60="Promote";

      var def60="When you promote something you try to advertise or increase the amount of people who know about it.";

      var w61="Public liability insurance";

      var def61="Public Liability Insurance gives legal protection to the business owner against getting sued by a member of the public for things like injury or property damage. ";

      var w62="Quickbooks";

      var def62="Quickbooks is financial management software for business. ";

      var w63="Registered";

      var def63="Registered means that you have recorded your information on an official list.  You register your car to be able to drive it on the road.";

      var w64="Regulations";

      var def64="Regulations are rules or laws that control what you can and can’t do.";

      var w65="Retail";

      var def65="Retail is where things get sold in small amounts to customers.  Retail usually happens in a shop and the prices are higher.";

      var w66="Service";

      var def66="A Service business provides a service, like lawn mowing or accounting services.";

      var w67="Shareholders";

      var def67="Shareholders are people that own part of a company.";

      var w68="Sole trader";

      var def68="A sole trader is where one person owns and runs a business.";

      var w69="Start up budget";

      var def69="A Start Up Budget is the first Budget that gets done for a starting business and includes all of the costs involved in setting up the business.";

      var w70="strategy";

      var def70="A strategy in business is a plan of attack, or a plan of how to get something done.";

      var w71="system";

      var def71="A system is business is a set of detailed plans and rules for how to do something in your business.";

      var w72="Vision";

      var def72="Vision in business is being able to imagine and see something in the future.  To set up a new business you need to be able to see something new that wasn’t there before.";

      var w73="Wholesale";

      var def73="Wholesale is where things get sold in large amounts, usually for a cheaper price. The Wholesale price. A wholesaler is usually a big shed where goods are stored. Wholesale is not usually available to just anyone.";