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    Speeding up my rendering

    lwilkinsff38 Level 1

      Okay here's my question,

                is the speed of rendering directly related to the size of your video card. The video card I have installed is a radeon HD for 4800 I believe it has 1 GB of RAM, but I don't know if megahertz my rendering seems to be slow. Especially the more complicated. The graphics applied, what would be the best recommendation to speed up my rendering. I'm also running a i7 processor, quad core with 12 GB of RAM. I know it's overkill that someday they'll be writing that big. Thank you in advance

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          You don't mention which version of PP you're running.


          For CS4 and earlier, the best way to speed up rendering/exporting is with a faster CPU.  Nothing else will give you the same degree of performance improvement as that will (assuming nothing else in the system is the bottleneck).


          For CS5 or later, you can also speed up rendering/exporting by adding an appropriate nVidia graphics card, which is capable of accelerating some aspects of the job.  (Sorry, ATI won't work for this, it has to be nVidia.)

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            Welcome to the forum!


            And Jim is correct, we need to know what version of Premiere and what format you are processing and what output format.  Generally speed of encoding the timeline is primarily CPU intensive.  Take a look at our Premiere Pro Bench Mark PPBM5, where we have sortable results from over 700 systems testing with CS5 and CS5.5.  You will be surprised that your i7 with only 12 GB is far down the performance list unless you are overclocking it.

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