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    AIR + Flex

    May 2008
      Hi everyone,

      1. What is AIR programming language like?
      2. AIR is used for building only web applications? Or for building only desktop applications? Or for building both?
      3. AIR must be used with FLEX together. Right? If so, in general using AIR with FLEX together is easier than using FLEX alone. Right?
      4. Can I use AIR alone to build applications?

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          1. AIR is not really a programming language. You can create AIR apps using, I believe, Flex, AJAX, DHTML, and combinations of these, and AIR does provide AS classes you can use.

          2. I always hear about using AIR to create destop/web apps. You can't consider them real desktop apps as you can't run other native apps from AIR, and there are other limitations. Don't know if you can create an AIR app that is purely a web app.
          3. I don't think Flex is absolutely necessary with AIR, though using the two is highly preferrable. You can build AIR apps in AJAX/DHTML.
          4. I think AIR alone is not an option. I think you need something else, like Flex, AJAX, DHTML.
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            Thanks Greg.

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              You do not have to use Flex to create Air files. You might want to try Aptana Studio.