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    AGAIN.. Slow saves in Fireworks

    Mata A Henry

      I'm posting this again because I somehow marked it as answered and I'm getting extremely frustrated...

      I[v'e lost alot of work today because of it!!!!!



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      Feb 12, 2012 9:28 PM

      Slow saves in Fireworks

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      Fireworks used to be a great product. Adobe what have you done to this wonderful program?

      Now, its takes over a minute to save a file in Fireworks CS4.

      In the old fireworks I didnt have to save as often or clear caches/histories etc.

      I used to have Pshop, InDesign and other progs going and fireworks was great.


      Now, I encounter obtuse times for it to save, and then sometimes it just wont save anything and I have to force the program to close and lose work I've done.


      I wonder if this is a slow burn that Adobe are putting on fireworks so they can move users to Pshop or InDesign?? I wonder...


      If only Pshop wasnt the RAM guzzler and was easy to use like fireworks (I try to avoid using Pshop wherever I can..).


      If anyone knows anything on how to resolve this increasingly frustrating issue I'd really like to hear from you.