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    Indesign Resume

    backjjis1 Level 1

      I recently Graduated from ITT Technical Institute in Wilmington, MA unfortunately it was a poor learning experience. I was just wondering if Indesign was the best choice for a


      Multimedia/Graphic Designer resume. Just a simple Resume with graphics brought in from Photoshop. I have obviously made a resume in Microsoft Word and I do not have a


      website up yet.  Any suggestions?

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          MW Design Level 5

          Some employers like Word as a format. Others like PDFs so what creates the PDF doesn't matter. Yet others want an actual paper version or faxed copy and so again, it doesn't matter what creates the paper copy.


          My opinion is to leave it in Word.


          If you have even a small body of work from pre- or post-schooling, or from while you were at school, then a web site to point prospective employers to is likely to be required unless you can meet with them and show them a well printed portfolio.


          Good luck. Mike