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    Pre-loading a SWF in Flash debug player [Unload SWF] unknown

    pgpradeep Level 1



      I am trying to pre-load an SWF built as an ActionScript project into the Flash Debug Player.

      I am doing this by setting the PreLoadSWF option in the mm.cfg file.


      One SWF pre-loads alright and it is pre-loaded everytime I play a Flex Project. I can see this in the Console when I debug any Flex project.There are 2 [SWF] messages in the console, one for the actual project SWF and one for the preloaded SWF.


      However, when I try to pre-load a different SWF, even the simplest one, it doesnt work. I get "[Unload SWF] unknown" message in the console, when I debug any Flex project.

      The SWF gets preloaded when I debug the same ActionScript project that I am trying to preload. I can see 2 [SWF] messages for the same SWF in the console.


      The SWFs that were getting preloaded earlier are also not getting preloaded now. Only one SWF is getting preloaded successfully.


      I want to be able to pre-load any SWF.


      Can someone tell me what I need to do? Is there a special setting?


      Thanks in advance,