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    Why Doesn't Acrobat X Installer Uninstall Reader X?


      Good morning,


      We have a site license for Acrobat X.  We want to deploy to our end users but many of them are already running Reader X.  I have used Adobe Customization Wizard X to create a mst file that says uninstall older versions of Adobe Reader.  In the past (we have had a site license since Acrobat 9) it uninstalled all versions of Reader ( 6.0 up to 9.x at the time).  In Acrobat X it is only uninstalling Reader 9 but not X.  I suspect it is reading Reader "10.x" as older than Reader "6.0".  Depending on how it interprets the numbers, it may show 10 lower than 6 since the first number of 10 is lower than 6.  Anyone have any similar issues?  is this a bug with the installer?  Thanks for any help.