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    HELP PLEASE       Flash Player 11 Install problem - Crashes -

    Amtino Level 1

      Has anyone out there every seen this before or is it just me???


      No matter how many times I try and install this on Vista 32 bit - I get this error.  I have tried the adobe uninstaller and reinstall, no luck


      I cannot access the settings manager via control panel - it wont even let me open the file - just crashes.  Strangely enough I get the same crash message when I try and delete the cookies in my Internet Browser - Flash Player crashes again same Rundd32 error


      My Browser:  IE8


      I am no whizz kid wehn it comes to computers but can usually get my head round most things but this one makes me scratch my head until I have bald patch


      The errors appear to be the following


      Faulting application Flashplayer 11 etc etc ocx

      Rund Dll 32 error


      I do not know what other information may be needed but please feel to ask, I will answer to the best of my ability in order to resolve my issue


      Thank you