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    Robohelp 9 not working with Word 2010 on Windows 7

    USPTOGeorge Level 1

      I have installed Robohelp 9 on my Windows 7 machine that has MS Office 2010 already installed on it.


      I have installed the Robohelp 9.0.2 update. I start Robohelp 9 for Word and create a new Winhelp 4 project.


      I give it a name and click Finish. I get an error message that says "Robohelp can not open docx files in the current word version"


      I click OK and it launches the template in word and gives me a macro error that saya "Compile error in hidden module AutoOpen. This error commonly occurs when code is incompatible with the version, platform, architecture of this application"


      When I close the Word document, I get an error about hidden module AutoClose. It's like there is something wrong with the template.


      NOTE: I previously had Robohelp 8 installed, but uninstalled and made sure that every occurence of robohelp.dot was gone.


      Shouldn't Robohelp 9 be creating a .dotx for Office 2010?


      Am I doing something wrong?



      Thanks for any help,