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    EPS in master page


      In trying to import an eps file into an A4 master page but ID keeps adding a white border to the top of the file.

      I've also tried a PDF file but the same thing happens. What gives?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Can't tell a thing from that picture. Select the frame so we can see the bounding box, and tell us why you think there's a white border...

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            lilia@ Level 2

            how was the eps created? which program?

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              LP700 Level 1

              The vector file was created in CorelDRAW with the proportions of an A4 page. So logically, it should fit properly in the ID page.

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                [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                LP700 wrote:


                ... CorelDRAW ... logically ...


                What you probably are experiencing now is that CorelDraw is not as accurate in its measurements as, say, InDesign.


                If you place this image at 100%, what size does InDesign report? If there are rounding errors in the size that CorelDraw exports, those should work in both horizontal and vertical direction, and so you could force the scale of the image back to A4 by changing the height to 297 mm; the width should snap to 210 mm automatically.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  to expand on waht jongware has said, you must use the Direct Select tool (white arrow) to select the graphic to read the scaling of the graphic itself.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    My experience is that CorelDRAW is very accurate when it comes to this. That said, we never got an answer from the OP as far the scaling goes.



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                      winterm Level 5

                      I'm not a fan of CorelDraw, but have experience with it and must agree with Bob - it does the maths perfectly.

                      Are you sure you exported only what was intended? I should check that eps in Illy...

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                        winterm Level 5

                        did small experiment recently, maybe not exactly on topic, just food for thought...

                        working on: CS 5.5, Corel X5


                        from CorelDraw exported rectangle (210 x 297 mm, solid fill, no outline) as eps.


                        imported back to Corel - exactly 210 x 297.

                        opened in Illustrator -  exactly 210 x 297.


                        imported to ID - 210,608 x 297,039 mm

                        opened in PS - 210,61 x 297,04 mm

                        (last two can be assumed as the same, I guess.)


                        Interesting part:

                        resaved in Illustrator as eps (didn't touch anything!), and that new eps by both PS and ID now is recognized exactly as 210 x 297.


                        Bottom line:

                        want to see nice values in ID? "Fix" your eps in Illy, even if it ain't broken

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                          Bill Byers Level 2

                          In the "Advanced" tab of the CorelDraw EPS output dialog (at least in version x3), there is a check box for "Floating point numbers." With that box checked "on," the measurements of the imported EPS file were correct in InDesign and Illustrator (210 x 297 exactly). With that box unchecked, it came in to InDesign as 210.256 x 297.039. So the moral seems to be: tick that box when you make the export from CorelDraw.



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                            winterm Level 5

                            yes, indeed, good point, thank you, that checkbox does the trick for placed eps, ID and AI.

                            Nevertheless, Illy still opens both at exact the same 210 x 297.

                            AFAIK, "Floating point numbers" is somewhat about adding one pixel to object dimensions on exporting.

                            Whatever, it should be disscussed in Corel forums, so I better stop


                            here, we can merge two morals:

                            1. For the sake of "nice values" you should check "floating page numbers" on export.

                            2. If someone else did the export without that box checked, you still can "fix" it in Illy.