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    SCORM Settings, Problems


      I am having problems getting the correct information to send to my LMS or at least display it correctly.  I don't know if the problem is my settings within Presenter or the LMS.


      My two specific issues... btw... we use Taleo Learn (formerly Learn.com):


      • Scores.  Scores report, but you need to click a link to display the score and the scores won't show in LMS reporting.
      • Completion.  I build my own navigation rather than linear back/forwards controls with Presenter.  The only way a completed course is reported to the LMS is if is user goes through the training in a linear manner using the Adobe Presenter controls.  If they use the course controls, the module is not marked as completed - even if a passing score is reported to the LMS.


      Does anyone have any suggestions.  Thank you.