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    Crop & Save layers

    mopkrayz Level 1

      I am always writing small one-time only tools to process graphics, that are used for one project and then made redundant.


      I would like to know if I can achive the following in Photoshop scripting to save me time:


      I want a script to go through all layers of a PSD file, crop away all transparency borders of every layer, and save out layers as PNG.


      I would also like to keep note of the size of the left and top transparent border that was cropped out, so that I can write out a text file, with x and y co-ords, so that I can reassemble all the layers in their exact position later on in my project.


      This would really save me a lot of time, and would be great if I can achieve this in PS scripting.


      I worked out file saving, but getting the x & y co-ords of the crop[ped layer still eludes me.


      Any help or link to a similar script would be greatly appreciated.


      Much thanks.